Say No Clearly and Kindly

For line managers and employees to effectively communicate and support your team. Using the power of judgement to prioritise successfully and find alternative solutions to pressing deadlines.
In this workshop, delegates will:
  • Identify the work situations and relationships in which you find it most difficult to say “No” and the barriers that stop you
  • Learn how to overcome these barriers and use 5 basic steps for saying “No” with confidence and ease, so that you can focus your attention to successfully achieve your outcomes
  • Discover how to use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritise tasks, enabling you to be clear on what you need to say “No” to, and when you need to say it
  • Develop your communication style to say “No” with empathy and kindness. Clearly communicate the reasons for your “No” and offer realistic alternative solutions, engendering trust and cooperation in your team 
  • Establish ways to fully utilise available resources and delegate efficiently 
  • Identify the ways you will put into practice what you have learned



“I loved this session with Nicola, she helped me with an issue I’ve had for years of not being able to say that little word: “No”. She showed me how to take the power away from it and how I can feel comfortable saying it. Thank you Nicola” Tony, UK 

“Nicola shared such rich and valuable information. I walked away with insight on how to say no that was immediately applicable” Ryan, Minneapolis, USA 

“This workshop was life changing for me… I realised how much of an impact not saying No has had on my life, and so grateful to learn how to look after myself and change it with a healthy and kind No” Anastasia, Taunton, UK