Developing Successful Working Partnerships

Manage and engage stakeholders to produce successful outcomes and create resilient partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.
In this workshop, participants will:
  • Learn how to develop quality working partnerships within and across  organisations for effective cooperation and collaboration
  • Discover tried and tested ways of effectively engaging and influencing external stakeholders and suppliers to achieve optimum outcomes
  • Learn ways to create good rapport, hold difficult conversations successfully, and stay connected in negotiation processes using a win-win solutions approach
  • Learn how to build mutual trust and respect to create resilient partnership relationships. Create a consistent work approach, with clear and kind communication
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Polyvagal Theory and nervous system regulation, to increase your capacity to effectively connect and communicate with others, and build psychologically safe professional relationships
  • Learn how to promote an open culture around mental health and the value of healthy relationships, increasing resilience, confidence and capability
  • Identify the ways you will put into practice what you have learned