Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Supporting you to deal with complex workplace relationship issues with confidence and clarity

Courses and workshops for leaders and teams, to support healthy relationships and wellbeing in the workplace.

IssueImpactTraining Outcome
Workplace stress and overwhelm- Reduced wellbeing and productivity
- Burden on teams and organisation
- Team disharmony
- Loss of staff
- Increased costs
- Increased wellbeing,
resilience and productivity
- Healthier working relationships
- Higher staff retention
- Reduced costs
Conflict and unhealthy dynamics in teams- Lack of psychological safety
- Reduced wellbeing and productivity
- Team disharmony
- Loss of staff
- Greater psychological safety
- Improvement of team effectiveness, productivity and wellbeing
- Healthier team relationships
- Higher staff retention
Inability of line managers and/or employees to set boundaries and say No with empathy- Overwhelm due to juggling workload and requests
- Inability to focus on priorities and streamline resources to produce successful outcomes
- Increased focus on priority agendas and successful outcomes
- Reduced stress
- Increased efficiency
- Improved working relationships
- Increased cooperation and trust
- Higher staff retention
Poor, unclear communication and lack of mutual trust in stakeholder relationships- Lack of cooperation and smooth operation for successful outcomes- Improved working relationships and partnerships
- Improved communication
- More trust and cooperation
- Increased effectiveness and productivity
- Reduced disputes and conflicts
 About Nicola

About Nicola

Relationships Coach, Trainer

and Facilitator


I support people to enjoy wellbeing, confidence and happiness, in kind, healthy relationships, in both professional and personal life.

I’m a relationships coach and trainer/facilitator of 20 years experience. I’m deeply committed to living what I teach, and to bringing my ongoing learning and life experience to my work.

In my early twenties I took a masters degree in community development and started out supporting the empowerment of local communities. I soon realised that community empowerment is impossible without the individuals of those communities becoming personally empowered in their own lives and relationships, so I began a new career in training, starting with an assertiveness course. 

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I loved seeing how people’s lives transformed when they learned how to say “no” and “yes” clearly and kindly. Many reported being newly empowered to speak up at work, handle difficult conversations more effectively and set healthy boundaries; resulting in more confidence, capability and effectiveness at work, and reducing conflict and improving communication.

I continued to develop wellbeing and relationship-centred courses, including: Communication Skills, Customer Care, Group Work (dynamics), Confidence Building and Stress Management. This has expanded over the years to include the workplace issues I work with today via bespoke training and coaching.

My own ongoing professional development equips me to provide emotionally intelligent training and support, for a powerful positive impact on workplace wellbeing and communication. This includes training with Jan Day, Voice Dialogue training with Transforming Dialogue, A Year of Polyvagal with Deb Dana and Irene Lyon’s nervous system health program Smart Body Mart Mind.

Organisations I have worked with