Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace: Relationship Dynamics

Reduce conflict, promote psychological safety and improve team performance with healthy relationship dynamics in the workplace.
In this workshop, delegates will:
  • Gain understanding of the most common disruptive relationship dynamics that create conflict in the workplace, including the Drama Triangle and it’s three roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer
  • Discover solutions that enable you to step out of dysfunctional dynamics, experience less conflict and create more harmony in your team
  • Effectively deal with conflict and difficult conversations and situations, by exercising greater awareness, empathy and clear communication
  • Learn how to promote a psychologically safe environment and avoid blame culture by taking healthy personal responsibility that is fair and kind toward yourself and others
  • Identify the ways you will put into practice what you have learned


“Fascinating and super inclusive. Nicola created a safe container for us to explore so many different dynamics and aspects within relating. Very grateful and has left me feeling inspired” Kristal Merrett, Glasgow 

“Some inspiring insights I really appreciated and delivered with great skill!” David, London, UK