Woman looking in mirror


Aug 27 2021

Deepening Self-Intimacy

Take space and time to connect more deeply with yourself and your inner world in this workshop. When we hear the word intimacy, we may often first think of intimacy with others. But what about self-intimacy? Intimacy could be described as seeing and meeting, and being seen and met as much as possible, in all our colours. Self-intimacy then is about truly seeing and meeting ourselves as we are, and being present with whatever is happening within us in this very moment.

When we give ourselves kind attention and turn with a sense of openness and curiosity toward what we are experiencing, we deepen intimacy with ourselves and with this moment, as well as our confidence and trust in ourselves to explore what it means to be truly alive.

In this workshop you will be supported to:
  • Take space and time to connect more deeply with yourself and your inner world
  • Explore simple exercises that will support you to cultivate deeper intimacy with yourself and your sense of being “at home” in your own being
  • Reflect upon the situations and/or relationships in which you find it difficult to stay connected with yourself
  • Listen deeply to what is happening within you and give yourself your own loving presence and attention
  • Stay rooted in yourself as you connect with others, rather than “getting lost” in others
  • Bring what you have discovered and learned in the workshop into your everyday life

Testimonials for this workshop:
“Thank you so much Nicola for the insightful session on self intimacy. You strike such a good balance between informative slides that then lead into deep, personal exercises and introspections. I look forward to your upcoming events.” Robert, Shanghai, China“This workshop was brilliant at helping me find ways to be more introspective so that I could engage with the world in a more authentic and meaningful way.” Ryan, Minneapolis, USA