Learn to Say NO Clearly & Kindly

Do you sometimes (or often) struggle to say NO? Would you love to be more honest and authentic in all your relationships? 

Not having a healthy No can have a huge impact on our quality of life, as we will inevitably find ourselves doing things we don’t want to do, and not allowing ourselves to fully be who we are, perhaps often feeling resentful. A No expressed with kindness and clarity helps us to stay in connection with others when we say it. Each time we express our authentic No, we are saying Yes to ourselves, inspiring confidence and trust in ourselves, and living true to who we are, and what we want.

In this workshop you will be supported to…
  • Learn 5 simple steps for saying saying No clearly, firmly and kindly
  • Listen deeply to, and honour, your own No (and Yes) feelings
  • Reflect upon the situations and relationships in which you personally find it difficult to say No
  • Bring what you have discovered and learned into your everyday life, so that you can say No kindly, and with more confidence and ease


Testimonials for this workshop: 

“This workshop was life changing for me. I was very emotional when I realised how much of an impact not saying No has had on my life, and so grateful to learn how to look after myself and change it with a healthy and kind No” Anastasia, Taunton, UK

“I loved this session with Nicola, She helped me with an issue I’ve had for years of not being able to say that little word “NO”. She showed me how to take the power away from it and how I can feel comfortable saying it. Thank you Nicola” Tony, UK 

“Your session on boundaries changed my life!” Katya Zi, Pune, India 

“Nicola shared such rich and valuable information. I walked away with insight on how to say no that was personal and immediately applicable to my life.” Ryan, Minneapolis, USA


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Healthy Personal Boundaries, Saying No and Assertiveness

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Authentic & Kind Communication

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Understanding Relationship Dynamics

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& Self-Care

5 Steps to Saying No with Confidence and Ease