Practical Spirituality For Our Relationships: 5 Week Deep Dive Course

How might your spiritual nature more fully inform and influence the way you treat yourself and others?

Being in touch with our spirituality connects us with something greater than us, of which we are part. Seeing that our being is shared with all of life, we recognise that love is our essential nature; and that when I hurt you, I’m hurting myself and when I love you, I’m loving myself. 

So how can we remember this in everyday life? How can our spiritual nature and understanding be expressed in practical ways in our relationships with ourselves, others, the world and life itself? How could it more fully inform and influence the way we treat ourselves and others, feel, think, act, live and love? 


In this 5 week course, you will be supported to:
  • Explore the potential of what your unique spiritual perspective can bring to your relationship with yourself and others – especially when it’s challenging – for deeper connection, harmony and love
  • Identify what gets in the way, and how to overcome your own specific obstacles
  • Make changes in your relationships from a place of love, acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and others, instead of judgement and criticism
  • Bring kind awareness to the shadow side of spirituality (e.g. spiritual bypassing, spiritual superiority), and recognise when it’s happening, in ourselves and others
  • Find the most practical ways to allow your own spiritual nature to guide you in conflict and difficult situations, for more healing, peace and harmony in your relationships
  • Find practical ways to stay connected with Spirit and remember your inherent belonging in everyday life

The course gives you the opportunity to to:

  • Be part of a closed ongoing group over the 5 weeks – a unique place for you to connect and share with fellow participants more deeply than at a shorter workshop
  • Receive ongoing support during the course as you put what you learn and discover into practice in your relationships
  • Join the closed Facebook group for course participants, to connect and share experiences, ideas, mutual support (joining is optional) during and after the course
  • “Buddy” with other participants between sessions and explore homeplay exercises and practices together (partnering with one person each week and meeting between sessions – this is optional)

The course is non-denominational and you are welcome whatever your spiritual or religious faith, beliefs or perspectives. You are invited to share and connect with others in a space that is inclusive and respectful of difference.

Course Outline

WEEK 1 – Personal Reflection and Orientation – Your Unique Spirituality

  • What does practical spirituality actually mean and look like?
  • What seeing from your unique spiritual perspective can bring to all your relationships
  • Strengthening your everyday connection with spirit
  • Honest self-reflection – the gap between your spiritual perspective and where you really are in your relationships
  • Mapping your spirituality – a timeline reflection exercise
  • Identifying specific relationships in your life that need attention

WEEK 2 – Spirit and Relationships – What Gets in Your Way?

  • What gets in the way of our spiritual perspective being a more fully lived experience in our relationships, in everyday life (e.g. our reality filters)?
  • Exploring the different “parts” of your own personality – the parts that allow your essence/soul to be expressed and those that obscure it (Voice Dialogue)
  • Identifying the dynamics that stop hijack your relationships and stop you seeing clearly (e.g. the drama triangle)
  • Bringing loving presence and compassion to our pain and struggle
  • Connecting with our inherent belonging

WEEK 3 – The Shadow Side of Spirituality – Awareness and Reconnecting

  • The shadow aspects of spirituality and how they create disconnection in relationships
  • Spiritual bypassing, spiritual superiority, spiritual self-improvement
  • Bringing kind awareness to how spiritual shadow/traps might play out in your own relationships
  • Identifying what’s needed to come back to connection with ourselves, others and life

WEEK 4 – Spirituality in Conflict and Challenges With Others

  • What creates conflict and how can practical spirituality bring healing?
  • Identifying how your body’s survival mechanisms – fight/flight and freeze/collapse – affect your relationships and how practical spirituality can help you feel safe and connected (the autonomic nervous system/polyvagal theory)
  • Owning our shadow and projections for clear seeing and peace in our relationships
  • Identifying your expectations, your “need” for others to change and taking spiritual responsibility

WEEK 5 – Your Personal Commitment to Practical Spirituality in Your Relationships

  • Reflection on the key course take-aways you want to integrate into your life and relationships
  • Making your personal commitment(s) to making spirituality practical – generally and in specific relationships in your life
  • Identifying what might get in the way and setting up the support you need to fulfill your commitment(s)
  • Strengthening and being held by your everyday connection with Spirit
  • Closing ceremony

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