Practical Spirituality for Our Relationships

How might your spiritual nature more fully inform and influence the way you treat yourself and others?

Being in touch with our spirituality connects us with something greater than us, of which we are part. Seeing that our being is shared with all of life, we recognise that love is our essential nature; and that when I hurt you, I’m hurting myself and when I love you, I’m loving myself. So how can we remember this in everyday life? How can our spiritual nature and understanding be expressed in practical ways in our relationships with ourselves, others, the world and life itself? How could it more fully inform and influence the way we treat ourselves and others, feel, think, act, live and love? 


In this workshop, we will explore together how we can…
  • Acknowledge and express our spiritual nature in practical ways, to support greater love, compassion and connection in our relationships
  • Be more fully guided by love and kindness in our relationship with ourselves and others, especially when facing conflicts and painful feelings
  • Bring kind awareness to the shadow side of spirituality (e.g. spiritual bypassing, spiritual superiority), and recognise when it’s happening, in ourselves and others
  • Find practical ways to stay connected with Spirit and remember our inherent belonging in everyday life

The workshop will to support you to:

  • Dissolve the obstacles to loving yourself and others, especially when conflicts and difficult situations arise
  • Remember our shared being in day-to-day life: when I hurt you, I’m hurting myself and when I love you, I’m loving myself
  • Bring healing qualities such as compassion, deep empathy, kindness and forgiveness more fully to your relationship with yourself and others

The workshop is non-denominational and you are welcome whatever your spiritual or religious faith, beliefs or perspectives. You are invited to share and connect with others in a space that is inclusive and respectful of difference.

Which themes are most relevant to this workshop?

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