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In what ways is your spiritual nature part of your everyday life? Do you feel held by something greater than you, of which you are part?

Being in touch with our spirituality connects us with something greater than us, of which we are part. It can support us to experience ourselves as being more than the small, separate self that we might appear to be in the world. By exploring the ways in which we can more deeply connect with the true nature of who we are, our spirituality is so much more than a set of fixed beliefs or vague ideas in the background of everyday life. Instead it is in the foreground, as an ongoing discovery, influencing the way we feel, think, act, live and love.

When we recognise that we are part of a greater whole, and that everything is interconnected, opens up the possibility of living life from a very different perspective than if we believe that we are simply (and only) a separate self, in a world of billions of other separate beings. Seeing that our being is shared with all of life, we are no longer simply stuck in survival mode, endlessly trying to protect ourselves from – and trying to “get” something from – life, and other people. We recognise that we are life, and that how we treat others and how we treat ourselves is one and the same thing; living with greater and greater love and kindness toward ourselves, others and the planet on which we live, then comes naturally to us.

The circumstances of our lives are always changing. We experience times of joy, fulfilment and pleasure, and times of challenge, loss and pain, so if we depend on the circumstances of our lives to be a certain way to make us happy and bring us peace, we will not find it, or keep finding it and losing it over and over. We might become almost (or completely) consumed by wanting and reaching for what we don’t have, and fearing that we will lose what we do have and therefore not being able to fully enjoy it.

Our spirituality can put us in touch with something that never changes and is always there, bringing us to a deeper peace at the core of our being – a peace that is present even when the circumstances of our lives are not what we might wish them to be. And it can put us in touch with what cannot be lost – cannot be lost because it is who we really are, beyond (whilst at the same time including) our human self and experience.

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For some, part of exploring, expressing and living their spirituality could be going to a particular place of worship, like a temple, church, mosque, synagogue or place in nature. It could be lighting a candle, having a meditation practice, singing, dancing, praying. And, as wonderful and fulfilling as these activities can be, we don’t have to go to a particular place or do something special to experience this connection, because spirit is what we are. Allowing ourselves to simply be, fully present, here and now in this sacred moment, is perhaps the most precious gift we can give ourselves and the world, and the most fulfilling way we can live and celebrate life.

Perhaps we can remember this more often by slowing down, bringing our attention to this very breath in this very moment, becoming fascinated with a tree, a flower, a small creature crawling on our desk… another human… turning toward a feeling of gratitude arising within us… allowing ourselves to fully feel our aliveness… and including all of our pain and struggle, rather than seeing it as something wrong.

We can remember by allowing ourselves to see the magic in this ordinary moment. Isn’t it after all a mind-boggling miracle that anything at all exists?! We are free to delight in the mystery of existence, and allow it to inspire us and open us to ever-expanding love and aliveness.


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