Through our voice dialogue sessions, I realised that what I thought were external obstacles in my life weren’t “out there”, but within me. When I saw this, I could easily pass through them and understand why I felt so heavy, anxious and depressed. It felt very spiritual to observe the different parts of my psyche and self from a very loving place, and as the sessions went on, I became kinder to myself and felt more whole.

It was very liberating, because I thought I had to squash and hide parts of me that were just trying to get my attention and wanted to be heard. Now I understand that they are trying their best for me, even when it might not seem like it.

I feel more comfortable within myself and more confident in my relationships because the voices of self-doubt are no longer the loudest. I feel more self-acceptance and am saying “this is who I am, I’m not changing myself for this situation or for you” yet at the same time I’m more loving toward people who’d annoy me. It’s helped me in my relationship with my partner especially, as I’ve found it easier to communicate and be honest.

I feel less frightened and can keep going forward in life without being frozen by the fear of what might happen or how I might feel. I feel much clearer in my direction, and have been able to make a new start after feeling stuck.

I no longer feel lost in the conflicting voices within me. I feel whole, stronger in myself, more centred, more connected to my body, and am not repressing my feelings because I know it’s okay to feel them. I feel very hopeful and am grateful.

Nicola is non-judgemental and I found working with her easy, comforting and enjoyable, and I highly recommend her