Nicola coached me in assertiveness, boundaries, and learning how to say “no”. I chose Nicola because I consider her a great role model for healthy assertiveness and good boundaries.

Normally, I’d feel some fear or resistance, but I loved her coaching sessions, which were fun and supportive, and I used to look forward to each session. Nicola really cares about her clients, and she puts a lot of effort and attention into the work she does.

She gave me techniques and exercises that were practical, and easy to learn and apply, and can be used anywhere and at any time. I was surprised how easy and yet effective her techniques were. I still use them today (two years later), and they have really helped me become more assertive and confident.

I’d done some assertiveness training before, but it wasn’t effective. I consider Nicola to be a real expert in this area, she has so much knowledge and experience, and she tailored the coaching to my needs.

The coaching she gave me really worked, and has been transformational.

I’ve also attended her workshops, which are brilliant and fun. I’d highly recommend Nicola, either as a personal coach or workshop facilitator. She offers quality and expert coaching, and you’ll get great results instantly.