Nicola is an immensely talented Singer-Songwriter, gracefully sharing her vulnerability, experience and wisdom, in her desire to inspire others to find their own creativity and fire.
The music and poetry of Nicola is intelligent and from the core of her heart. Her songs inspire with wisdom, and so often compassion and understanding, for moments we all experience. It is easy to identify with Nicola’s music and poetry. In this workshop Nicola takes you into her own musical and creative process, helping others to find their own inner creative music and poetry in co-creation with hers. It’s a beautiful way to teach others how to collaborate and be in the moment. She does all this with kindness and gentleness. Nicola is a beautifully developed artist and teacher, and as an accomplished singer with a hauntingly beautiful vibrato, her music is inspirational and takes you on a heartfelt journey of the soul.