I found a steady reference in myself with your guiding principles. I felt in the presence of truth arrived at authentically by you. I felt a potency in myself with these as reminders of the true nature of my self and my relationship with my own sound.

I felt real ease to drop in fully in the exercises. I experienced tremendous liberation and excitement during them. I could really trust your invitation to find my own way in and to follow my own unfolding process throughout. I met varied self-discovery time and again and I uncovered new and important resources within myself. I was continually meeting new perspectives on my voice, my sound and on music, both analytically, and more excitingly, experientially.

The exercises opened a portal in me to my vibrant inner world. I felt really free to play. I knew I was in a space where there really was no right or wrong way, very pleasantly surprised by how my inner critic was disarmed. I could stay in touch with my voice with curiosity in my body, my throat, my vocal cords, diaphragm, belly, and  with meeting myself in my sound. I had a sense of transcending shadowy limiting beliefs I’d been holding around my voice. These experiences are still bringing a new confidence and joy for myself. I am finding my true voice and reaching greater self-acceptance.

There was the opportunity to explore my auditory modality and through that I accessed my inner voice, a wild and vast inner landscape of sound. I touched a quality of the infinite in this workshop, an experience that blew me away, in a hugely satisfying and fun way.

I felt very confident in your sensitivity as a facilitator. I was impacted by your own journey and feel my potential and my power with that. In your holding I felt great freedom to have my own experience. I want to thank you or your unique skills as a facilitator. They have brought me much healing, love and self-acceptance.