Deepen connection with yourself, others & life itself

One-to-One Coaching

Coaching to support you to make real, lasting changes in your relationship with yourself and others, for you to create a life you love living.


I work with 8 main themes:

* Healthy Personal Boundaries, Saying No and Assertiveness 

* Deepening Connection and Intimacy with Yourself and Others 

* Understanding Relationship Dynamics

* Authentic Relating, with Clear and Kind Communication

* Self-love, Care and Compassion

* Befriending Your Whole Self and Living from Your True Essence

* Everyday Connection with the Divine


Sessions can be held in person (where possible) or via Skype.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work? 

In my role as coach, I provide guidance and encouragement for you to make real, lasting changes in your relationship with yourself, others, and life, and to learn and grow in ways that matter most to you.

I provide support for you to bring greater awareness to the patterns that play out in your experience, to listen deeply to yourself, to step out of your comfort zone, to see things and view yourself from different perspectives, to foster habits and ways of being that serve you, move toward what you want, to explore your creativity and to be open to new possibilities.

We usually begin with a focus on one or more of the eight themes outlined above. My approach depends on the needs of the person I am working with. It can include the use of voice Dialogue (parts work), inner child re-parenting, body awareness, mindfulness, nervous system regulation (e.g. polyvagal theory), guided meditation, menstrual cycle awareness for women and a wide range of experiential exercises and theoretical models that support greater self-awareness, deeper self-connection, learning and growth. The coaching I offer supports your personal empowerment. I acknowledge that ultimately YOU are the expert in your experience and that I, or anyone else, cannot know what is best for you.


How many coaching sessions will I need?

It depends on what you are bringing that you want to work with, and the kinds of changes you are looking for. On average, a minimum of around four to six sessions is recommended to work with a particular issue, however sometimes a single session is all that is needed if there’s something very specific you need support with. Receiving support in ongoing sessions is likely to be most effective if you are seeking lasting change in your life and relationships.


What can I expect to get from the session(s)?

Again, it depends on what you are bringing that you want to work with, and the kinds of changes you are looking for. See below for two examples of working with particular themes/issues, healthy boundaries, and connection and intimacy.


What is the cost?

An hour-long session costs £60GBP. If you are experiencing financial difficulty and this fee would be a barrier for you, please do get in touch to discuss a solution.


Coaching for Healthy Personal Boundaries, Saying No and Assertiveness

Do you find it difficult to:Fence

* Say No – in some or all situations?

* Ask for what you really want and need and/or sometimes to identify what you want and need?

* Do what you really want to do because you want to please others/are worried about what others think of you?

* Deal with the aggressive behaviour of others?

* Say YES to what you really want and be your true, authentic self in your relationships with others?


Receive learning and support to:

* Clearly express your authentic No to what you don’t want, and Yes to what you do want, with much more ease and confidence

* More easily identify what you want and need and have greater confidence to ask for it

* Have greater freedom to do what you really want to do, instead of people-pleasing

* Be less affected by worry about what people think of you

* More effectively and assertively deal with the aggressive behaviour of others

* Have greater confidence to be your true self in the world and experience healthier, more fulfilling relationships, both with yourself and with others

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For information on tailored 6 and 12 week coaching programmes, please get in touch.


Coaching for Connection and Intimacy

Do you wish to experience deeper connection and intimacy with yourself and others?


Receive learning and support to:

* Be your authentic self more fully in your relationships, without wearing masks or adjusting yourself to please others

* Bring kind awareness to your barriers to connection and give yourself the loving attention you need to open to deeper intimacy

* Be more deeply in touch with your feelings and inner world, and deepen your sense of being “at home” in your own being

* Embrace and befriend the parts of you that you judge as bad or wrong

* Stay rooted in yourself as you connect, rather than “getting lost” in others

* Communicate your truth clearly, express your authentic “No” and “Yes” with greater confidence and ease, and ask for what you really want and need

* Accept yourself as you are rather than endlessly trying to “improve” or “fix” yourself

* Cultivate greater confidence and trust in yourself to explore what it means to be truly alive

*Experience greater connection, intimacy, nourishment and fulfilment in your relationships

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For information on tailored 6 and 12 week coaching programmes, please get in touch.



“Life changing is no exaggeration.. Since having coaching sessions with Nicola, I catch myself almost on the daily thinking, “Wow, I couldn’t have done this a year ago”. Even my family and friends have noticed a change. The journey hasn’t always been easy but it’s been SO necessary. To list everything I’ve gained would turn into a short novel, so here’s the synopsis: I feel like I’ve come home. Nicola’s breadth and depth of knowledge, her uncompromising honesty, her compassion, humanity and her humour have made it all possible. What’s touched me most is her ability to hold space when I’ve felt really triggered, allowing me to work on deep-rooted issues I’ve been carrying around my whole life. It’s worth mentioning that I’d already been through a year of counselling, I wasn’t sure what coaching could unpick that a therapist hadn’t been able to address. Spoiler alert: everything. Everyone has their path but this was the best one for me. And I look forward to continuing this process together. From the bottom of my heart: thank you.

Fran Holder, Brighton, UK


“Nicola, I want to thank you for the very practical ways you have assisted me to engage mindfully with some of my personal blockages and challenges…the work around boundaries was energetic, practical and playful… it gave me immediate practical ways to approach the issues of giving away too much, or allowing too much in, for my own well-being. Thank you, Nicola”

Jim  Lawson, Victoria, Australia


“Coaching with Nicola has been an amazing experience for me. Through her gentle yet powerful approach, she has helped me to become clear in feeling my authentic  ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and expressing them in my relationships with others… I have also been able to ask much more directly for what I need and want, especially in my work situation, which has greatly helped my general well-being…I have come away with not only a range of practical skills and tools to use in everyday life, but also a real feeling in my body of being clear in my boundaries. I am really grateful, it has really helped me a lot.”  

Amy Behrens Clark, Bristol, UK

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