Deepen connection with yourself, others & life itself


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“Nicola thank you so much for your wonderful workshop. Your warmth, calmness and kindness radiated throughout the group. I found your guidance through the exercises allowed me to see issues in my own life that needed to be addressed. I have immediately put these skills into practice and I’m already reaping the benefits.”

Male Group Participant, Ireland


“Working with Nicola has made me much more energetic and excited about my life! There is a lot more fun, joy and laughter. I relate to myself in a more positive, fulfilling way…I am more compassionate, loving and gentle with myself, I am listening to myself, and I now give myself the opportunity to experience the pleasures of life. When my boundaries are clear I feel much more confident and experience the world in a more positive and fun way. Communicating with others is much easier and more relaxed as I feel more grounded in myself. As a result I am more open to different life experiences.”

Maya, Ireland


“Coaching with Nicola has been an amazing experience for me. Through her gentle yet powerful approach, she has helped me to become clear in feeling my authentic  ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and expressing them in my relationships with others… I have also been able to ask much more directly for what I need and want, especially in my work situation, which has greatly helped my general well-being…I have come away with not only a range of practical skills and tools to use in everyday life, but also a real feeling in my body of being clear in my boundaries. I am really grateful, it has really helped me a lot.”  

Amy, Bristol


“Nicola, I want to thank you for the very practical ways you have assisted me to engage mindfully with some of my personal blockages and challenges…the work around boundaries was energetic, practical and playful… it gave me immediate practical ways to approach the issues of giving away too much, or allowing too much in, for my own well-being. Thank you, Nicola.”

Jim, Australia


“The Training and support that Nicola has provided (Assertiveness, Life Skills and Creative Voice) has been of great service to many students who have attended her courses, particularly the assertiveness course…in feedback students reported that the skills they learned enabled them to deal much more effectively with the challenges they face in their interactions with others, reducing their stress considerably. I highly recommend Nicola and her work.”

Cindy Dring, Student Services, National University of Ireland, Galway