Deepen connection with yourself, others & life itself

Everyday Connection with the Divine

Simply Love

What if nothing is wrong?

What if all that is present is complete perfection,

And we can feel joy right now, for free,

No cost, no catch, whatever else is here,

And all we need is our own permission?


Our hearts are broken;

What if this is how they open?

Crunchy cracks that let in more love, more light,

More breath, more life,

Let out the essence of who we really are.


What if the pain that sometimes almost fills us

Is the growing pain of our soul?

The eternal adventurer that takes form for fun,

Forgets itself for the thrill of play,

Mystery, and remembering back to wholeness.


What if death is simply the waking from a dream,

And those beloved ones whose eyes open before ours

Smile at the illusion of distance,

Dance with us in truth of existence…

What if all is simply Love?


The Divine. Love. God. Spirit. The Beloved. Source. All That Is. Existence. Life. The Universe.

There are many words we can use to describe the sacred, and countless ways we can deepen our experience of connection with the Divine in everyday life.

For some, it could be going to a particular place of worship, like a temple, church or place in nature. It could be lighting a candle, having a meditation practice, singing, dancing, praying. And of course, we don’t have to go to a particular place or do something special to experience this connection, because Divinity is what we are. Allowing ourselves to simply be, here and now in this sacred present moment, is the most precious gift we can give ourselves and perhaps the deepest way we can truly honour and give thanks for life.

We are here, we are alive, every breath is already a prayer, and we can enjoy the moments we remember this. Perhaps we can remember more by slowing down, bringing our attention to this very breath in this very moment, becoming fascinated with a tree, a flower, a small creature crawling on our desk, another human, turning toward a feeling of gratitude arising within us, allowing ourselves to fully feel our aliveness, including all of our pain and struggle. We can remember by allowing ourselves to see the magic in this ordinary moment. Isn’t it after all a mind-boggling miracle that anything at all exists?! We are free in each and every moment to delight in the mystery of existence, and allow it to inspire us and open us to ever-expanding love and aliveness.