Deepen connection with yourself, others & life itself


Life keeps reminding me that if I want to live it to the fullest, I need to be true to myself. This means being committed to listening deeply to what feels right for me, relating authentically and honestly with others, having healthy boundaries, asking for what I really want and need, holding myself and others in love and compassion and being present in full aliveness, whatever arises in life. I’m passionate about supporting others to experience healthy, loving, intimate relationships with themselves, others and life itself. 

I’ve provided personal growth training and coaching for individuals and organisations in the UK and Ireland since 2003. I have a Masters degree in Community Development and worked in the field for over a decade in a variety of roles, as a Trainer, Researcher and Development Worker. I am a graduate of the 18-month Living Tantra Training with Jan Day.

I’m originally from South Wales, lived in Galway, Ireland, for almost 14 years and returned to the UK in 2014. I hold workshops, talks and coaching sessions in Ireland, the UK and Goa, India.


Photograph by Natalie Clarke