Deepen connection with yourself, others & life itself


I’m a Workshop Facilitator and Coach with a Masters degree in Community Development and 17 years experience of providing personal growth support and education in group workshops and one-to-one coaching. I support people to deepen their connection with themselves, with others and with life itself and to experience healthy, fulfilling relationships. I’m a graduate of the 18-month Living Tantra Training with Jan Day.

I’m a Singer-Songwriter and performer of 20 years, my love affair with music beginning in my late teens with exploring my singing voice in secret. In my early twenties, I left my home town in South Wales to live in China, where I first sang, shaking strongly with nerves, for a small group of people at a dinner party. A year later I moved to Galway in Ireland, and found myself writing a poem that came with a tune in my head – my first song. That was the start of 14 wonderful years of being a musician in Ireland, performing in music venues across the country, privileged to play and perform with many talented musicians. In 2006, I released my debut album Beautiful Arrangement and became a full time musician. The challenge of trying to make a living from music led to a block in my creativity, from which I emerged into a renewed, joyful, musical creative flow! The experience gave me a great deal of insight into what us humans need for our musical creativity to flourish, and I’m passionate about supporting people to explore and expand their natural musical creativity through coaching and workshops.