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Upcoming Online Workshops

Right now we are living in challenging times. Our world has changed almost overnight and to varying degrees we find ourselves facing uncertainty, loss, fear and grief. Some of us are living alone in isolation, some of us are living very closely with others 24/7, and most of us are living life confined to a single place. Under these new circumstances, taking care of ourselves and our relationships is vital for our mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. 

You are very welcome to come along to these free workshops to support you with this. Please Click Here to go to the workshops page for more information and to register for these workshops:


Harmonious Relationships in Lockdown 


Loving Self-Care in Lockdown


These workshops will be held again (with a low-cost option available for those who need it) – please join the mailing list for updates




Deepening Connection and Intimacy with

Yourself & Others 

Healthy Personal Boundaries




                                                Understanding Relationship Dynamics



   Authentic Relating, with Clear & Kind Communication 





                                               Self-Love, Care & Compassion


Befriending Your Whole Self & Living from Your True Essence


Everyday Connection with the Divine


 Musical Play and Creativity


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