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Coming close to the end of two courses:

Voice Dialogue with Trilby Fairfax and Peter Dellensen (Transforming Dialogue) for ongoing professional development of my voice dialogue facilitation skills

A year of Polyvagal with Deb Dana, to support my coaching clients and workshop participants with nervous system regulation and understanding our survival states


Sessions Live conference 2021 with Esther Perel: “The Great Adaption”, to better serve my clients to face the challenges of our changing world since COVID

Ongoing regular supervision with psychotherapist Alison McGeown

Bi-monthly sessions of peer intervision and support with the Transforming Dialogue voice dialogue community

Using Voice Dialogue to explore dreams: Group work sessions with Pia Kruithof


New workshops on making spirituality practical for our relationships


Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection by Deb Dana

Embracing Each Other – How To Make All Your Relationships Work For You by Hal and Sidra Stone


Working on the finishing touches of my new EP Raise, recorded and produced by Dedi Madden, mixing by Paul Stacey. Appreciating Dedi and Paul for their incredible work, and Peter Dale (drums, keys), Charlotte Glasson (flute, saxophone, Violin), Andy Dewar (percussion) and Dedi Madden (guitars, bass, vocals).

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