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Explore the theme of Musical Play & Creativity

Musical Play & Creativity and Creative Voice 1-1 Coaching

Are you curious to explore your natural human musical creativity in new ways? Would you love more play in your life?

I work with people who have never explored creating music, and experienced musicians who wish to deepen and expand their musical creativity, using 7 Principles:


  1. All human beings can create and play music – with what’s already inside of us
  2. Every sound is “right”, there’s no wrong way to create
  3. Play, with effortlessness and ease
  4. Prioritising our pleasure
  5. Acknowledging our freedom to create anew in each new moment
  6. Following whatever flow is happening
  7. Fun! experience that blew me away, in a hugely satisfying and fun way

I found a steady reference in myself with your guiding principles. I felt in the presence of truth arrived at authentically by you. I felt a potency in myself with these as reminders of the true nature of my self and my relationship with my own sound. I felt real ease to drop in fully… Read more “ experience that blew me away, in a hugely satisfying and fun way”

Dr Tina Hannon
Creative Voice Workshop Participant

Delightful, poignant and surprising

Nicola opens up space within me through song, music and story to witness her playfulness, joy, love and vulnerability. In being present I am able to explore my own feelings and responses. The space flows and there is a magic that descends as Nicola invites our responses to be shared with her – we are… Read more “Delightful, poignant and surprising”

Rima Hussein, Newcastle, UK
Workshop-Gig Attendee

Nicola is a beautifully developed artist and teacher

Nicola is an immensely talented Singer-Songwriter, gracefully sharing her vulnerability, experience and wisdom, in her desire to inspire others to find their own creativity and fire.
The music and poetry of Nicola is intelligent and from the core of her heart. Her songs inspire with wisdom, and so often compassion and understanding, for moments… Read more “Nicola is a beautifully developed artist and teacher”

Ian Caruna
Ian Caruana Ashford, Washington USA
Creative Listening Workshop-Gig Attendee

She’s truly a talented, intuitive and magical performer

Nicola has this unique ability to bring you into her music. She creates a space that invites co-creation, interaction and connection with whatever song she sings or story she tells. Her voice, her lyrics and her embodiment of her songs is such a joy to witness. Each time I hear her sing something new opens… Read more “She’s truly a talented, intuitive and magical performer”

Erin Brass
Erin Brass, Melbourne, Australia
Workshop-Gig Attendee


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