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Feb 13 2024


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Online Workshop: Practical Self-Love

What does it actually mean to love yourself? How does this look, in action? Come and explore these questions in this live interactive talk. Reflect upon what gets in the way of self-love for you – and discover practical ways to dissolve the obstacles, so you can be free to embrace your whole self.

In this workshop, you will be supported with:

– Exploring what self-love actually means, and how it looks, in practical terms
– Defining self-care and self-compassion
– Identifying what gets in the way of self-love for you
– Practical exercises that you can use time and again to support you to dissolve the obstacles to self-love – such as feelings of unworthiness, self-judgement and other obstacles personal to you
– Making a self-love commitment and bringing what you’ve discovered and learned into everyday life

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“We attended “Practical Self Love” and my partner and friend all took away lots of practical guidance and tips. Nicola was grounded, knowledgeable and warm. From the start you could tell Nicola was an expert in her field and was very comfortable/experienced. I’d also like to add that she was passionate about her work and you could feel she really cared about what she was delivering. Thanks for everything Nicola.”
Josh Laverty, Lancaster, UK

“I really liked the workshop on self love. It helped me to hold myself with more compassion and kindness…. I was blown away with how you led the workshop; with an open, charismatic, safe and loving ethos. Thank you.”
Eva Lee, Lancaster, UK

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