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Jul 30 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Practical Self Love: Online Workshop

What does it actually mean to love yourself? How does this look, in practice?

Come and explore these questions. Reflect upon what gets in the way of self-love for you and discover practical ways to dissolve the obstacles to self-love, such as self-judgement and feelings of unworthiness, so you can be free to embrace and love your whole self.

In this workshop you will be supported with:

– Exploring what self-love actually means, and how it looks, in practical terms
– Defining self-care and self-compassion
– Identifying what gets in the way of self-love for you
– Practical exercises that you can use time and again to support you to dissolve the obstacles to self-love – such as feelings of unworthiness, self-judgement and other obstacles personal to you
– Making a self-love commitment and bringing what you’ve discovered and learned into everyday life

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Testimonials for this workshop:

“Nicola’s workshop was clear, easy to follow and engaging. I found it useful to get a better insight about self love and to learn/adopt a few extra tools to practice it more.”
Giulia Menichelli, Hove, East Sussex

“A wonderful course, learned so much in such a short time, and Nicola is such a brilliant facilitator.”
Joe Robert Palmer, Australia

I’ve enjoyed Nicola’s online-workshop on self-love very much. She has held the space safely and beautifully. The tools offered were very useful – and although I’ve come across them before, actually engaging with the activities with Nicola’s warm-hearted and gentle guidance gave me exactly what I needed.
Thomas Riedmuller, Ireland

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