Jul 16 2022


Timezone: GMT
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Empowered Relationships: Stepping Off The Drama Triangle

In this powerful workshop we’ll look at a particular common dynamic that happens in human relationships, and can have a huge impact on the way we experience ourselves, others and life.

Learn about the Drama Triangle (or come for a refreshing reminder if you already know about it!), how its three roles – Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer – can play out in relationship with yourself and with others, and how to empower yourself to step out of the Triangle.

In this two-hour workshop (in Workshop Space 3) you will be supported to:
– Reflect upon how the Drama Triangle plays out in your own life
– Identify which role(s) you tend toward most and the situations and/or relationships in which you most easily step into the triangle
– Bring curiosity and kindness to yourself and others as you become aware of Triangle dynamics playing out
– Learn about how you can step out of the Triangle and create more harmony in your relationships
– Bring what you have discovered and learned in the workshop into your everyday life

Testimonials for this workshop:
“Your event gave me a better understanding of myself, and life in
general, with extra tools to progress on my journey” Shaun, UK

“My husband and I just finished your Harmonious Relationships course and it was both informative and enlightening! Your presentation style was professional yet down to earth as you related your personal experiences… What I learned will definitely assist me with my relationships at home and beyond” Jerold, Washington, USA

“Many thanks for your wonderful caring and helpful session.. Some inspiring insights I really appreciated and delivered with great skill!” David, London, UK

Themes most relevant to this workshop:
– Understanding Relationship Dynamics
– Deepening Connection & Intimacy with Yourself & Others
– Authentic Relating & Kind Communication
– Self-Love & Self-Care

Venue: Workshop Space 3 – please double check this on the workshop timetable notice board at the festival in case there are any last-minute changes.

Investment: The workshop is free for attendees of the festival. Click Here for festival info and tickets.