Nicola holding a workshop at In2 the Wild Festival


Aug 24 2023

Practical Self-Love and Empowered Relationships Workshops at In2 the Wild Festival

Both workshops to be held at In2 the Wild Summer Festival, 24-28th August. Please check back in August for festival locations and times, or check at:

Practical Self-Love

Many of us can struggle at times to give ourselves the essential foundations of self-love, compassion and care. Sometimes we simply don’t know how, because we were never taught how. When we were young, we may even have been taught (often indirectly and unintentionally) to be against ourselves. To love and care for ourselves, we need to be on our own side.

What does it actually mean to love yourself? How does this look, in action? Come and explore these questions, reflect upon what gets in your way and discover practical ways to dissolve the obstacles to self-love, so you can be free to embrace your whole self.


Empowered Relationships (Stepping Off the Drama Triangle)

If you would like to experience more empowerment and harmony in your relationships, you are very welcome to this workshop! We’ll be working with the Drama Triangle, a model that maps a very common dynamic that happens in human relationships and can have a huge impact on the way we experience life and relating. Learn about the drama triangle (or come for a refreshing reminder if you already know it!) and how its three roles – victim, persecutor and rescuer – play out, both in your relationship with yourself, and with others, and how to step out of it.