Aug 29 2021

Empowered Relationships

If you would like to experience more empowerment and harmony in your relationships, you are very welcome to come along to this workshop! We will be working with the Drama Triangle, a model that maps a very common dynamic that happens in human relationships which can have a huge impact on the way we experience life and relating. Learn about the drama triangle (or come for a refreshing reminder if you already know about it!) and how its three roles – victim, persecutor and rescuer – can, and do, play out in our world and in your own personal world, both in relationship with yourself, and with others, and how to step out of it.

In this workshop you will be supported to:

  • Understand the Drama Triangle and how it plays out in your own life
    Identify which role(s) you tend toward most and the situations and/or relationships in which you most easily step into the triangle
  • Be kind and compassionate toward yourself and others as you become aware of Triangle dynamics playing out
  • Learn about how you can step out of the Triangle, be more empowered, experience less conflict and create more harmony in your relationships
  • Bring what you have discovered and learned in the workshop into your everyday lifeTestimonials for this workshop:
    “This workshop gave me a better understanding of myself, and life in general” Shaun, London, UK

    “My husband and I just finished your Harmonious Relationships course and it was both informative and enlightening! Your presentation style was professional yet down to earth as you related your personal experiences… What I learned will definitely assist me with my relationships at home and beyond” Jerold, Washington, USA

    “Many thanks for your wonderful caring and helpful session.. Some inspiring insights I really appreciated and delivered with great skill!” David, London, UK