Coaching for Dating & Relating

This 6 or 12 week coaching programme provides learning and support for you to:

– Clarify what you want so you can move toward it in an intentional way
– Have an experience of dating that is more enjoyable, and brings you what you want
– Investigate and understand what is holding you back from what you want, so you can make the changes you need to
– Identify the dynamics that are at play in your dating and romantic relating, so you can more consciously choose how you relate and date
– Bring awareness to your attachment style, and the needs you may have around it
– Learn how to recognise the attachment styles of others, to help you navigate dating and relating in a way that works for you
– Become aware of what attracts you to certain people, and whether this is likely to lead to a healthy or unhealthy dynamic/relationship
– Navigate online dating more effectively
– Learn to listen deeply to yourself, in ways that support you to make choices that serve you, and move you toward what you want
– Bring awareness to potential blind spots and “filters” that stop you from seeing and being attracted to potential dates/partners
– Recognise red flags (warning signs) and green lights (positive signs) in the early stages of connecting with someone
– Experience deeper connection and intimacy with yourself and your date(s)
– Date and relate from a foundation of self-love, self-care & healthy self-esteem
– Communicate clearly, honestly, kindly, and with more confidence
– Set healthy boundaries so that you can be clear on your No and Yes, and express them clearly, to take care of yourself and bring you what you want
– Enjoy yourself and have fun!


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