Coaching for Deepening Connection & Intimacy

This 6 or 12 week coaching programme provides learning and support for you to:

– Experience deeper connection and intimacy, and more fulfilling relationships, with yourself and others
– Be your authentic self more fully in your relationships, without wearing masks or adjusting yourself to please others
– Bring kind awareness to your barriers to connection and give yourself the loving attention you need to open to deeper intimacy
– Be more deeply in touch with your feelings and inner world, and deepen your sense of being “at home” in your own being
Embrace and befriend the parts of you that you judge as bad or wrong
– Stay rooted in yourself as you connect, rather than “getting lost” in others
– Become aware of, and understand, the dynamics at play in your relationship with yourself and others, for healthier, more fulfilling relationships
– Communicate clearly with others, express your authentic “No” and “Yes” with greater confidence and ease, and ask for what you really want and need
– Accept yourself as you are rather than endlessly trying to “improve” or “fix” yourself
– Cultivate greater confidence and trust in yourself to explore what it means to be truly alive
– Experience deeper connection, intimacy, nourishment and fulfilment in your relationships

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