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Free Talk: Healthy Personal Boundaries and Saying No to Others

at Swansea Wellbeing Centre, Walter Road, Swansea, South Wales, SA1 5PQ

Friday 31st May, 7.00 – 8.30pm

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You are warmly invited to this Free Talk exploring:

– What are healthy boundaries and why do we need them?

– What blocks us from having healthy boundaries and expressing our authentic No and Yes to others

– 5 practical steps for saying No clearly, kindly and firmly

– How to say Yes to what we really DO want


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Deepening Intimacy with Yourself, Others and Life Itself

Next Date and Venue TBC

You are warmly invited to this Free Talk exploring:

– The meaning of true intimacy and why we need it 

– What can get in the way 

– How we can open to a stronger sense of connection with others and with Life

– Practical and simple ways to cultivate deeper connection, closeness and intimacy with our whole self

– Why we need healthy boundaries – to say No and Yes authentically to others – for healthy intimacy